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Enhance Your Website with HTML5

Wednesday, March 28, 2012   0 Comment(s)  

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the web, almost everything you see and do is written mostly in HTML and will be for the foreseeable future. Essentially it’s a list of “tags” that describe everything on-screen, from tables and paragraphs to images and lists. The challenge is the Internet and more specifically the way we use it changes so quickly. Many people in charge of maintaining the language just can’t keep up.

Currently HTML is officially at version 4.0.1; it’s fully documented and approved by organisations that maintain web standards, and it has been since 2000. Since then, the broadband revolution has completely changed that way we all use the Internet. Now high definition video streaming, web applications and social media are everywhere and HTML 4 just doesn’t cut it. That’s where HTML5 comes in.

HTML5 has audio and video support built in, new semantic tags (tags that are easier for humans to understand), new storage systems and geo-location along with a whole range of tools and new technologies. This allows developers to build websites that can perform far more complicated tasks and makes the experience far better for the end user.

Unfortunately, W3C, the consortium who are in control of maintaining web standards say they won’t have completed the approval process until 20221. Luckily the people who actually control the use of HTML5 are the browser companies, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla and Apple. All of whom have already started implementing lots of the new features already.

Therefore, most of the features can be used today to benefit existing and new websites. At Splice Marketing we keep up to date with the very cutting edge of new technology, apply the latest changes to the work we do, which ensures our customers receive the best products to suit their needs and ultimately make more money for their business.

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