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Splice Marketing is in Fashion with Lady Vintage

Wednesday, January 08, 2014   0 Comment(s)  

Splice Marketing is in Fashion with Lady Vintage Hidden on the south coast is a modern day success story: two designers on a mission to keep classic dress making a thriving UK industry.

Founders Sergio and Victoria want to expand the global success of Lady Vintage and have picked Splice Marketing to design and build a Responsive Website and pick up the marketing reins.

“Our business is flourishing, and rather than try to do everything ourselves, we've reached the point where we need experts in certain fields,” said Sergio. “With Splice Marketing we've found a team that can provide a website for the future and a long term commitment.”

Teal Green Butterfly Hepburn Dress

Dressing To Impress

For Splice Marketing’s Director, Ray Vernon, this is another opportunity to help a Hampshire company reach out to a global market: “Lady Vintage have already picked up individual and business clients from countries as diverse as Australia and Norway so we are aiming to expand that reach with targeted campaigns and a website to match their classic designs.”

All of Lady Vintage’s clothing is based on classic designs and made in London, the fact they can keep their dresses at sensible prices is all down to their knowledge of the industry and their zeal for quality.

As Victoria explains Lady Vintage have a mission: “Sergio's family have a great tradition in the clothing industry and it has inspired us to provide fine dresses at affordable prices. The other half of our mission is to make all our clothing in the UK and keep the tradition alive.”

Their new website is due to go live before Easter and if you want to have look at their current collection visit

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