During seven years we have taken the digital possibilities of several companies to the next level. Turning visitors into actual clients is what we do for you so you can stand out among your peers by making your name an attractive one in the digital word, by using more than SEO.
Have The Best
Internet Presence By
Working With Us
A friendly website which you and your clients enjoy to explore is what we offer you.  A site at a good price, responsive, quick and easy to work with the main search engines.
Improvement and Web Design
Responsive Ads
Our professionals on digital marketing collaborate with your own staff to provide them with the best knowledge about SEO, no matter if they have no information about it or if they already are experts.
SEO formation & Social network

SEO reviews

A complete report about a comparison of what your peer’s propositions against what the elements that form your website.

SEO Link Building

The best-phased link building, directed chats, Penguin/Panda friendly.

White Label SEO

Freelancers or full companies, we search for candidates for new business partners all the time.


A personalized instruction that comprehends about a complete SEO method for everyone, no matter how much the person knows about it.

SEO Copywriting

A special content that can be found easily for all the search engines and with a good attractiveness to the public.

Online Record Handling

We can help you to deal with bad commentaries directed to you or your company. Request a budget.

Social Management

A great way of using the social media in the most effective way to your business.

Web Development

We don't just offer you a new website. We develop a recognizable name that will call more clients.

Paid Search Marketing (AdWords/PPC)

To have more benefits, it is necessary to invest in your company. Your costs will stay low and your conversions will rise with the help of our PPC professionals.

Our SEO procedure

Every company is unique that is why we don’t work on the same way with all of our clients, there is not mold for everyone. Before offering you a proposal or talking about any settings of the work, Essex SEO study every detail about your company, your services and your products and your website if you already have one.

Study: we check you the websites of your competition and your site as well.

Onsite: We apply keywords to make your website an easier to find for the search engines and make other changes.

Copywriting:  we offer a good copy that will increase the traffic of your website thanks to the proper use of keywords.

Checking and tracking: to provide with precise statistics that will show how our work have improved your site, we use excellent analytics tools.

Social: your social image will be improved by our great management.

Google Local: we provide you with good reviews and put you in a good place.

To improve the rank of your websites among your competition, we produce varied links from your site to other sites, so it can be easier to find for the search engines.


Professionals on the management of social media and search engines.

Digital Marketing

A website builds upon an effective study of statistics is a perfect digital strategy.

Content development

Thanks to the creation of new content every day, your website gets a better position and also incentive the interaction with your public.

Website Creation

Creating friendly websites is our specialty at Essex SEO and our great professionals.

SEO through Video Marketing

To deliver the message you want at a good price, Essex SEO has the capacity to produce different types of videos. A lot of possible clients can be taken to your website by watching your videos on several platforms, these videos are a great tool because the message can be delivered in a more effective way by showing to the people what you do.

Do not trust only on Google

Get to a wider public. Regular search engines are not the only medium.

Excellent Quality

Videos that count on images or animation that are interesting and attractive to your audience.

Engage Customers

The number of people willing to read your content is not as big as those who will watch a video.

Good investment

£400 is a little price for a video when you compare it with the profit it can offer you.

Our Clients