A Different Way to Handling Guest Posting

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Once again, in the field of SEO, the most reliable way of getting mentions and links to your website is by making a big effort and offering high-quality content, now that the guest posting gate of 2014 is no more than a distant memory. Saying that the FUD Google created did its job in driving away several webmasters, may be reasonable thanks that now the spaces seems much cleaner.

The rise of spam websites is a scenario that we may have to deal with it because of the very few reliable exchanges of linking and participation websites.

However, it’s all systems go! The road ahead for every agency of freelancer that works by offering SEO websites is very hard, they will have to put all their effort to provide their clients with a competitive website to be able to be at the top of their respective jobs.

Spreading a certain information is not very easy, it is like trying to talk to unknown people at the same time you are showing a threatening job, which is why link building is so difficult.  You will be rejected by a lot, and I mean a lot of webmasters or being simply ignored by them, so this is a very high economical risk.

Horrible articles that are hard to read or outreach emails that are written without any kind of cultural context by SEO writers which English is not their native language, only help to make things worse.

A Different Way

Prospecting: There are a lot of things to say about this, so I will talk to them in a different article.  It is necessary to have a good relevance and a content very well developed to be able to find a link that works for you. It is not very hard to make changes to Domain Authority, which is why I prefer to use Majestic Topical Trust.

Know your public: Take a role, analyze and learn every detail of the website. Look for their interests on the social media, the Facebook groups and the kind of tweets they like. Post contents and comments on those groups. Show a real interest in helping those communities to grow by offering useful information.

The Regular Way

The Pitch: In order to not get rejected easily, you must not use templated emails, according to many SEO experts.

Know your public: Get to know every aspect of the website. Look for their interests on the social media, the Facebook groups and the kind of tweets they like. Post contents, comments and interact with those groups. Help to these communities by providing them with knowledge and information.

Moxie SEO in Texas SEO’s Chandler offer the recommendation that you need to showcase your integrity in your email and give as much reason to reply as possible. They will have approaches from other willing candidates you need to make sure yours stands out from them masses.

Submit a great proposal: You can stand out from your competition if you make a remarkable proposal. Offering a good reach for anything you may share, thanks to a number of contacts you have, you must offer something additional or attractive, besides your services as a writer.

My Way

This way of handle this, demands a lot of effort and it may not result in the way everyone may want, which means it is very difficult.  I have the prepared and ready for everything at the moment of introducing myself to a group of people that have no idea who I am.

My Pitch:  To receive it is necessary to offer, having this in mind is necessary if I want a link from the website of someone else “An Invitation to Collaborate” is the perfect title for the first email.”   The other person will notice it.

My Catch:  A website in which elements like authority, reliability and a certain length of the contents are left outside of the formula, this is the attractive aspect. Because the focus of this is offering just an exchange of links, I provide you a link from my website and you offer me one of yours, so we can have links to websites with similar subjects but different, this way is a simpler deal.

Deliver a Good Job

Nowadays is not enough presenting a good content with good sources and 600 words.

An authoritative content of at least 1250 are the necessary features of a good content. The use of the Skyscraper Technique (you can read more about this in the Backlink site) is the plus.  An amazing level can be achieved by any copywriter using this method.

After Care

Use your social media sites and channels to increase your reach and contact others so they can offer you an impulse, this way you will have the possibility of been read by a lot of people after your job is done. Interacting with the readers is important, so don’t leave any comment or question without an answer.

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