A Short Explanation about SEO

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Google may seem a complicated thing on the internet, actually is nothing more than a website that counts on a mechanism to calculate how important are other websites thanks to a combination of certain keywords, however, it is still is the search engine most used in the entire planet with over 3 billion of visits at day.Building a website around certain keywords is something very logic if you consider that this is how Google determine if a website is easy to find and worthy to be shown or not.

Reasons to use Google

Google has offered better results at the moment of running a search, this is why since the end of the 90’s its popularity has grown so much.Several other search engines have been forgotten such as Dog Pile, AltaVista, and Lycos.

Does Yahoo still exist?

Thanks to the next motives, Google has controlled its market so well:

1. It uses the content of the site to assign it a place in its list.

2. It maintains its index clean by eliminating all the duplicated content.

3. Google checks a number of websites linked to at one in specific to advertise it.

These 3 statements are the main laws behind the functioning of Google, despite that through all the years Google has enhanced its capacity of finding certain information and detecting those efforts to have an effect on the search.

The Basics: SEO Is a Tagging Procedure

There are two processes that must be done at the moment of setting a website so it can be easily found by Google:

  • To tag your content in a proper way it is necessary to use certain keywords that will be used by the public to find the information you have on your website, this is a tagging procedure.
  • But you must also count on a better content with more links that your competition.

The Search Engine Must Influence On Your Website Setup.

This is not something very easy to understand and we know it.

The search engine has its role in the way that your website will come out. Hari Menon Digital states “There are tools like “AdWords Keyword Planner” that allow you to know which are the keywords most used by the public. You will create information that will be easily and quickly found if you use these keywords as a base to the construction of your website and your content. If you do this you will have a base to construct your website, even if you are the first one at your field. However, you must have better content and use the right keywords to achieve a good level of SEO. This is not something simple, it involves many factors that you must consider, even the way your competition do it must be taken in mind, how they use the keywords and links to get a better position on the list of the search engines.”

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