About Essex SEO

For every business that likes to be at the leading-edge, we come up with the most efficient approach.The first places in the most famous search engines are occupied for the companies that work with us.

The actual digital marketing is a very important aspect to dominate for new companies, and at Essex SEO helping them to do it is our goal.We have worked hard to accomplish every aspiration of our clients, and we have been successful since our beginning in 2006.Those are not only words, we can prove all these facts.If you want to have an external opinion you can talk with our previews clients.

Our Approach

Sussex SEO’s approach is simple. Unlike the majority of SEO companies, we do not just focus on ranking your site for a narrow selection of keywords, rather we focus on long term internet marketing strategies and work with clients develop an online brand presence that drives website traffic from a diverse range of sources (not just Google). This approach gains greater exposure for your brand and services across a range of search engines and social platforms.

Company advantages

With the help of different methods such as link building, improvement of the social media management, the use of the proper keywords and the best of all digital strategies, we will join forces with your team, to teach about all the necessary aspects to have the best campaign of digital market thanks to our SEO experts. This matter can be a little confusing, so we put you on the right way to achieve your SEO goals or we can operate on your website.

Prices and features

  • We don’t use contracts.
  • You can quit from our services if you think that you are not getting what you are paying for.
  • To prevent any sudden cost, the total price and amount of work are previously fixed.
It is necessary a lot of work for a long time to achieve a good SEO.Offering a clear process among your budget is one of our objectives.You will have complete knowledge about the reasons for why we do the things we do to help you.Great relationships are possible by using this way of working, so we both be happy at the end of the process.