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One of the aspects that Google uses to position your website, is how much your readers visit it and how much time they spend on it.

Analytics is an essential tool

It is important for you, knowing what your public do on your website, how is their conduct, is not enough with applying an SEO job to your website and earn more visitors. If you are no getting any interaction with your visitors, like sales, then there is not point of having a website. Maybe your visitors go as fast as they come, or they only come to read an article and not for buying you need that kind of information. Which is the reason why an analytics package is so important for your website? This way you will know how your visitors perform, once they arrive at your website, this is the purpose of analytics.
How your visitors behave on your website and what they usually do is registered by Google and uses to assign your website and rank, because one of the aspects that Google uses to position your website, is how much your readers visit it and how much time they spend on it. You may lose your regular readers if you don’t know what they do on your website, what things they like, their interests, so it is imperative for you to count on an analytic tool. The look of your website may need to be rearranged, you may need new contents, but you only will able to take actions, once you know the problem.

Content Approach

  • Internal linking: Using different websites with information to let the search engine works.
  • If it is appropriate adding FAQ/Glossary.
  • Optimize your images.
  • Optimize your images.
  • Optimize your content and structure of the site-If it is appropriate to use extra content and focus it on specific key sentences.
  • Use other ways to offer information like infographics or videos.

What does analytics let you know?

  • Location of your visitors.
  • The amount of time they spend on your website.
  • The most attractive keywords.
  • The most effective paid ads to bring visitors.
  • The most visited page of your site.
  • The most profitable section.
  • In which sections your visitors stay and which ones are used as a bridge to them.
  • And more useful information.
You will be able to build more effective business strategies with all this knowledge in hand, and at the end, you will more productive.

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