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Very few companies know how they use blog all the benefits of a blog, even when is a regular activity nowadays..

Your blog - a great tool to improve your position and talk with your public.

Very few companies know how they use all the benefits of a blog, even when is a regular activity nowadays. A blog is an essential part of the whole SEO plan, not only a good tool for marketing and a great way to keep in contact with your audience. Accomplishing both tasks is one of the services we provide.

Content marketing

Your public can receive new and fresh content at a good frequency through a blog. This offers you the possibility of having another convincing instrument, in the same way, that any text. Of course, having an approach based on your marketing necessities is always the main idea. If you already have a marketing plan, we are able to tell you the best way of applying SEO on it, or we can help you to create a marketing methodology from zero.


We can offer you a blog to expose the different benefits of all your products, so your public can have a comparison between them, this will help you to increase the sales of the products that you already have in stock. Your audience will know exactly which of your products they need if they know all of their features. In comparison to your main website copy which should address sales perfromance, your blog should have a softer tone and an advisory approach.

A vast majority of companies find that customers become more interested when they have been educated.For example, an active and enthusiatic clientele base could be built for an online bookmakers when they choose to inform their customers on strategies of how to bet.The idea of your blog is to inform your public about different aspects of your field, while the main goal of the main parts of your websites is selling.


However, this is not the only way a blog can help you, because if your objective is to get new clients, instead of just selling your products to the ones you already have, then a blog is a good tool for you too. Your brand will have its own voice through your blog. A blog with a great content will show your brand as a respectable company and one that is the best at what it does, that content will depend on what you want to get from your public.

Blog SEO

To Google your company doesn’t mean anything, that is an unpleasant fact. Offering a good experience of searching for their users, is their only goal. The best and most important websites are the ones what Google want to serve. All the effort they put in improving their functioning will help them in their objective and that is something that it will remain the same forever.

It is necessary to create a website that is friendly to the users and that count on great content, in order to have a site that will conquer every test that Google throw. A perfect method to accomplish this goal is a blog. Quality and Quantity are two aspects that are important at Essex SEO. The reason for this is that your website will achieve a better position on the result lists on Google if it has the best content and in a big amount because that is what looks Google when it searches for what you need.

However, remember that you will have certain keywords and your site must be an important one for them. Your website will have more visitors and your company will grow thanks to the work of our great professionals who will look for you the best keywords.

TYour content will have a great quality and the keywords will be included in them, our experts know how to do it without affecting it.

Small companies that are just getting started in their respective fields are able to pay our services, thanks to our different plans, this is the best aspect about us.

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