Conversion Orientated Link Building Strategies

  • December 7, 2016
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In a big home, you can find many rooms with long hallways to connect them, these hallways are the SEO.There is a spare key in each room, however, all the hallways are blocked and the keys have been thrown away and in each room, there is also a content marketer.These leaves two options, look for the keys or tear down the walls, so the marketer must decide which one take.Tearing the wall down is not a feasible alternative, so the marketer has to look for the key, which will allow him getting access to other areas of the house.SEO is necessary to find this precious key since Google stop using its PageRank Algorithm.But this whole thing has changed, thanks to the actual SEO.

The use of the right keywords, posting a great content that a lot of people want to read and making contributions to guest blogs, are the practices that Google try to encourage among the marketers to obtain backlink votes.There are a few link building practices that are not used very often to get a better market traffic, I will explain two of them as well as an optimization for this matter, which are:

  • Using Twitter with the best hashtags.
  • Videos on YouTube with a great explanation of 200 words.
  • Internal links for Ranking Hub sites.

The Twitter-Google Arrangement

“Social media allows you insight into your customer base like never before” is the reason offered by the SEO specialist from Infintech Designs Brian Hong from New Orleans.Google and Twitter have a secret deal, which is why I keep myself focused on this last one.This is an “eyeballs” arrangement.According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.All of the posts will be indexed to Google SERP and they can be refreshed in at the same time they are made, which make Twitter in a useful tool.But it is not the whole picture.However, the total of post that you make on Twitter will not be indexed by Google.Thanks to its great capacity of calling users images, hashtags and links that take to high-quality contents are the three favorite’s elements that are indexed by Google.

A good marketer comes up with new images and links good content by using the keywords that they users may apply to find what they need, so they will be using those last 3 elements as a tool to attract users on social media.To give you a better idea look this, if I a need to find the keywords for my hashtag and link in case that I have a mobile beauty treatment salon, I would follow these indications:

  • I use the search engines to look for the new tendencies on my field.
  • To measure how is the rank of certain keywords I search for them on a search engine.
  • To have a campaign that allows having a good idea, I use AdWords.
  • The hashtag obtain is the correct one for my link content and Twitter if I get an increase in the visitors to my site.

You must count on the right keywords on your blog and Twitter to get an extra link value.The increase of visitors you need for your website can come by getting many retweet links and by getting indexed on RankPage.

Takeaway: To have an idea, 12% is the possible rate of conversion, a very big one, thanks to using the proper hashtag.

A 200 Words Explanation for a YouTube Video

Do you frequently upload a video on YouTube?What do you write in the description when you do it?This effort may not give you the fruits you want, if you don’t use the necessary words, it needs to be more than a simple call to action.“A dead-simple technique that can get your YouTube videos to rank for competitive keywords in both YouTube and Google is: write 200+ words description” is an affirmation of the link building specialist Brian Deal.This is a good tip for two important motives.Google don’t have the necessity of watching your video and its crawlers don’t have the needed nature to switch it on.That is because keywords in blogs are what the Google algorithm can read.So, to increase your visitors in a simple way, do the job of writing a description of 200 words with the right keywords for your video.

Internal Links to Ranking Hub Page

To have an optimal blog, you must offer to your readers an integrated experience, this an aspect that many people forget because they tend to focus on just putting links to different websites.Is there a way of taking more benefits of updating the content of the blogs?Yes, linking these updates to your hub or landing page is the proper way of doing it.Your goal is improving the position of your landing page on Google SERP and this is what you get in the long term.However, the BBC’s category page success on the Euro 2016 offered good methods to rank another page.

Putting your content in a better place on the results list of Google and getting more readers can be done by several ways, one of them is through your content.Remember that the content you offer must interesting for someone always.

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