CRO: 7 Web Design Factors That Affects Your Webpage Conversion

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No amount of marketing campaigns and SEO strategies can save you from your poor website design. All the time, money, and efforts you’ve spent in extending your website reach will ultimately go to waste if you don’t start from within your website.

Aside from content, the design is one of the most important ingredients to attract organic traffic to your website. It’s the beautiful site that stands out among the rest.

No one wants their visitors to leave their site because of the ugly interface. Designers, website owners, and entrepreneurs have to gain loyal visitors and attract prospective customers. You can do that by formulating effective marketing strategies such as content marketing and SEO.

Why Is It Important?

The goal of web design goes far beyond aesthetic purpose. Your website design must be able to convert audiences into actual clients or buyers. It’s not enough to leave them in utter awe. You have to make them want to buy that product you are selling or avail the service you are offering.

Web design is considered as one of the first steps in marketing. Building your brand and image heavily relies on your website. You have to show the audience that you are a reliable shop. The design can make your visitors feel the need to buy. It plays a big part in their decision-making process.

The aesthetic is an essential factor in sales. Do it right, and you’ll reach on top.

Here’s how you can do it.

Follow the Rule of Thirds

Are you familiar with the rules in photography? It turns out; there is one specific rule in photography that also applies in web design – the rule of thirds.

The rule follows the visual interest of the viewers; where their eyes usually fall when they’re looking at your website.

In this principle, you should devise the screen into three equal parts horizontally and vertically – forming a board for tic-tac-toe. Then, all you have to do is put the most important parts of your website to either of the four points at the middle – such as subscribe or add-to-cart button.

Proper Placement of CTA

They’re easy to spot because they are created that way. Check out this amazing offer! Buy now! Download for Free! Click here to learn more! Place these eye-candies on the right position, and watch as your conversion rate goes up.

Call-to-actions or CTAs can instantly capture your readers’ attention. It is your end goal of why you made your website in the first place. You want your audience to click that blinking button. It is, therefore, very important to put it in the right location.

Pro Tip: Spice up your CTAs by making it sound urgent. Put it where the most interesting part of the page is located.

Optimize the Negative Spaces

Making websites that are clean and minimalistic is the new trend. More empty spaces mean more attention given to the important parts. Negative spaces also play a role in the website design. It makes your website look neat and straightforward.

More and more websites are using this technique in web designing because it’s effective. On the other hand, some developers and designers should also be mindful about this. This strategy is not one-size-fits-all.  Formal or corporate websites usually use minimalistic design, but it’s not appropriate for creating websites.

It is vital to mix and match the positive and negative spaces to achieve a more effective web design. It’s still better to know your audience first; integrate it with the goal you want to achieve, and then start the creative process.

Practice F-Layout

Website visitors don’t read copies like novels; they scan for valuable information. And there is a pattern web designers can take advantage of. They call it the F-pattern.

It turns out, the majority of visitors scan the website in a particular manner. They skim through contents and visual elements in websites in specific locations, looking for the highlighted texts, bullets, and headers.

The pattern normally goes like this:

They will scan the top part of the site, looking for the title and what the copy is about. Next is the left side, where the numerals and bullets are located. Finally, they’ll gaze across the subheadings and larger bold texts.

Colour Contrast

When you’re dealing with visual design, colour is always an important element. The same principle applies to web designing. It can elicit feelings and emotion, which can either attract or disappoint your visitors.

Never underestimate the contribution of colour to your website’s conversion rate. Take e-commerce companies for example. They use orange in their website because it evokes warmth, energy, and excitement.

Keep it Simple

The simpler, the better. Focus on the important stuff. Don’t make unnecessary clutter such as to much transition for images, thumbnail pictures, and too many ads. ClickBurst’s in-house web designer notes that most of their redesigns now are for decluttering existing websites and making them simpler.

Clutter is a sin in web designing. Obstructing the viewing experience of your visitors might cost you a lot. Be minimalistic. Feed them with nutritious contents. Visitors will surely love it.

Follow the 8-Second Rule

Always remember that people have very short attention time – 8 seconds on average.

So, brevity is the key to this aspect. Keep your headings as short as possible. Sentences should be bite-sized and fact-based. Use bullets and numerals to elaborate lists and steps. Use easy-to-digest contents such as explainer videos and images.

The goal is to maximize that precious 8 seconds to keep your visitors interested.

An effective design equates to effective marketing.

Your web design represents your brand and credibility on a great scale. It becomes the image of your company. Therefore, it is essential to put significant time and effort in designing process.

Author Bio:

Jack Poyntz Studio (Web Design Derry) is a web design company and certified Shopify Experts. They are focused on delivering creative website solutions to help ambitious companies grow online. They embrace new challenges with a desire to help their clients achieve success.

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