Google Make Mobile-Friendliness A Ranking Factor From April 21, 2015 Onward

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Is Google going to penalize websites that are mobile-unfriendly starting from April 21, 2015?This certainly looks to be true, as per Google…

It is important that mobile users receive the most appropriate web pages in response to an online search on their mobile phones, irrespective of whether the information displayed is living web pages designed for mobile browsing or applications.Mobile devices are increasingly becoming popular for browsing the Internet and in such a scenario it is imperative that search engines algorithms adjust to new usage trend.We have issued many updates in last few years to help sites become mobile friendly.Thanks to our earlier efforts, users can now find pages that are mobile-friendly easily; whereas, our App Indexing helps bring up valuable content from apps.Right now, we are going to announce two vital changes aimed to make it much easier for users to find mobile-friendly content:

Webmasters with mobile-unfriendly sites are receiving urgent notifications from Google.

The subject of these notifications is “fix mobile instability issues found on…From April 21 onward, mobile-friendliness of a site will affect its ranking.Using mobile-friendliness as a factor for ranking is going to have a bearing on not only mobile searches in different languages but also our search results.The end result will benefit end users who would now be able to see quality search results updated for easy and efficient viewing on their mobile devices.


For some time now, mobile friendliness has been a ranking factor, so mobile-friendly websites have benefited from being mobile friendly.What this announcement does is that it conveys Google’s intention to make mobile friendliness a bigger factor than before.That’s all.

Will my website’s ranking suffer because of it being not mobile friendly before 21st April?

Google has not said that it will penalize such a site; however, the actual effect will be on those lines.When a user will conduct a mobile search, preference would be given to sites that are mobile friendly, so, in effect, mobile-unfriendly sites will be ranked lower.The effect is huge and can hurt you badly when you factor in the fact that mobile users account for almost 40 percent of total web traffic.

The new change is not limited to mobile search in one or few languages but applies to every language and is expected to have a considerable impact on Google’s search results.

In effect, with a mobile-unfriendly site, you are not likely to get much viewership from 40 percent of total web traffic which comes from mobile users.

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