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At Essex SEO, our optimisation campaigns and strategies rely on the important aspect known as link generation.

Quality Matters More Than Quantity in Link Building

The optimization industry is constantly changing because Google and other search providers regularly update their algorithms. Google takes into account no fewer than 200 factors for scoring and ranking websites. Even with all these changes, incoming links still play a major role in a way Google ranks a site. Earlier link building involved building links. All that’s changed now and today using dummy sites to get tons of links yields nothing.

Link building is all about link generation, a fact Essex SEO knows very well and we make sure your sites attracts link instead of farming false links. You can do this only if you thoroughly understand three crucial things: who your audience is, what reasons might bring them to your website, and what will make them spread the word about your website. In most situations, this will be dependent upon your content's quality.Link quality depends on appropriateness and quality of your content. Essex SEO can help you forge profitable online relationships, write compelling and relevant content, optimize referral traffic, and improve your brand’s visibility while making your site more relevant in the eyes of search engines so that it wins top rankings.
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We Help You Get Quality, Relevant Links

Link generation is at the core of optimization strategy at Essex SEO.Combining with several other important factors, our SEO experts will formulate a link generating strategy which answers the unique needs of your business. You can count on our experts to assist you in identifying your link building objectives, understanding your audience group and top influential factors, and create and implement a smart strategy which allows your site to attract suitable backlinks. At Essex SEO we believe in creating self-sustaining link building strategies, that is, we create a profile which supports itself—as the focus is on attaining relevant links and boost your site’s quality than on following old, ineffective tricks.

Penguin / Panda

After the introduction of Penguin/Panda, Google’s latest updates to its algorithm, websites which are receiving links from premium content are greater ranking boost than sites with following old link building strategies, which in today’s scenario are not so effective or, worse, can cause a site’s rank to fall because Google is now ignoring many old link building methods.

At Essex SEO, we follow the latest link building strategies. All our link building exercises are Panda/Penguin compatible. Our team focuses on building natural link profiles using deep linking as well as natural anchor text link profiles in which exact matching long tail anchor text, like URLs, click here, and company names, is used.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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