Linking Out, Another Way of Seeing It

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On these last days, I have been talking with SEO Chan Dhillon from SEO by Kalexiko among other personalities of this field, while preparing everything for the Brighton SEO conference.

Keeping a good contact with other professionals is essential because of the never quiet picture of searching.It allows you filling your mind with new ideas, also it offers you the opportunity of knowing how others see things and exchange good information.Been in constant contact with others is important in the digital world to get to know what are the innovations, part of the job of every good SEO.

At the beginning, we talked about how each one of us enters this field and then tells stories about our jobs.

The subject about linking out having a positive influence in the ranking is one that is highly debated by SEO experts.Losing the rank of the site can be a consequence of linking out, at least this is what theory tells us.Nevertheless, a good position can be achieved by a website in the SERPS by linking out to a website which has good and valid information, there are several proofs about of this.

““low quality sites tend to link to a far greater share of junk, while great sites typically link to other great sites. These webs of trust & value can be algorithmically mined by engines to produce better search results” –

With the idea of coming up with a kind of automatic link out by distinguishing among entities and sentiments among texts and using two WordPress plugins: Zemanta and insights, I have worked by trying to building data and a natural way of handling language API named “Alchemy”.Using Freebase was the idea that Kalexico offered me to this.

To able to offer a good graph content Google uses several tools, Freebase is one of them.I have been able to ignore all of this, I don’t know how.However, there is no way of offering information about myself and my customers, neither developing connections about all these entities or others that already existed and I didn’t notice this.

So, does it really offer some advantage to the ranking in an organic search is the main question.Well, the answer is yes, a little.Thanks to the Hummingbird upgrade, Google uses more the semantic.In order to offer a more natural answer to the search for the users who do it through their cell phone, Googles was incorporating voice search.However, the true importance of the algorithm was something that we were not aware of.Freebase use itemprop=sameAs” on several blogs, that was an aspect I noticed when I studied better.

Thanks to this and by using opened and covert links to develop a trusted relationship between different websites that the user can link to or another authority link.

The SEP gets a push as well as the graphic information.

However, it seems like the complete system have been ignored for most of the people, no matter how weird this may be.

Three websites have shown a big push as well as other by being incorporated at Freebase as business operations/named as “sameAs” model to the trial outcomes, while I’m writing all of this.In the following month, I will post my discoveries on this site.

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