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Knowledge and expertise are always required to get the most out of your money in a protracted campaign, although in the short term, Pay-per-click is a great way to get the required results.
Having a multi-faceted strategy is a smarter option. It is always desirable to have visitors come to your website through organic research, but spending money to ensure your website comes up whenever users perform a search using key keywords and search phrases on most popular search engines allows you to quickly and easily receive guaranteed conversions and you can use this strategy either alone in case of a budget constraint or along with your organic SEO strategies. When optimization is done this way, it is called pay-per-click or PPC for short. PPC is a commercial service, but for running and managing a result-oriented campaign, you need thorough planning and in-depth know-how.
Pay-per-click is a smart option when results are needed quickly, but when it comes to generating optimal results from an extended campaign, knowledge and skills are needed in abundance. There’s no better way to connect with your customer base, especially when budget permits, than a strategy which combines organic SEO and PPC. You must spend on PPC if your campaign was properly launched and you can see that you are getting good returns; as a matter of fact, you are losing out on more profit in case you have not deployed PPC.
Essex SEO uses Google Adwords—and for good reasons. Measurable results, an impeccable track record of improving brand’s reach and consequently conversion rate, as well as its smooth integration with Google Analytics, which gives you measurable results so that you can know how much return you are generating on your investment, are some of the advantages that Google Adwords offer.

Our pay-per-click services

We offer a variety of in-house pay-per-click services at Essex SEO. You can choose to have us run the campaign for you as well as one on one coaching in how to administer and run your own campaign.
  • Complete Ongoing Management & Support
  • Landing Page Design for Conversion Optimization
  • Persuasive Writing for both PPC Ads & Landing Pages
  • Advanced Campaign & Ad Optimization
  • PPC Training and Monthly Mentoring for In-House PPC Management

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