Parasite SEO & Do Follow Facebook Links

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 DISCLAIMER: Since writing this post, it turns out that the do-follow link is situated in an iFrame (I was not aware of this when I wrote this article).Link juice cannot be gained from Facebook.The information on Parasite SEO still remains correct so I have left the article up.

To get a do-follow link from Facebook, (usually a no-follow), this is a good little trick.


  • An account + page on Facebook.
  • Starting knoweldge of HTML (hrefs)
  • This facebook app

Through this app you can embed a stationary block of HTML into your page on Facebook.In the HTML, any links placed will pass page rank as they are Do-Follow.
The potential from one of these links is very high when you consider that Facebook is a PR9 domain that contains a vast amount of page rank/trust.

Having a starting knowledge of Parasite SEO will allow you to prosper ffrom this opportunity.

Parasite SEO Explained

You don’t get much SEO benefit on adding a page to a social media site, like Facebook, even when PR9 is the root domain.Without having some background knowledge regarding how social networks and Pagerank/Trust work, it might prove almost impossible to derive SEO benefit from your page or profile.

As water passes from pipes, Pagerank/Trust passes via links.Pagerank/Trust flows back to your website when anytime you engage with content on an authority site within a social network.

Here’s the clarification.You can establish a link between a page within a specific social network by liking, marking friend, sharing, reposting, reblogging, or retweeting content written by someone else on a high page ranked website within that social network.Trust/Page rank flows back through these links into your profile.

The name of such a mechanism is parasite SEO and you can use it to rank branded websites that are linked to a social platform.

You can add authentic keyword-embedded content to social platforms by using text, videos, and images and engage with other users so that a ranking signal is created for Google.All of the aforementioned functions are known by a unique name, but all of them have a common characteristic.Whenever you take an action on that social network, you get a link from the page you shared or liked or retweeted back to your profile/page.

How to Locate Authority Pages on Social Networks

Contrary to what many believe, this is very easy.You can verify the trust/citation flow of a page that you are viewing using the Majestic SEO Toolbar.All you have to do is logon to Google and punch in site: keyword.

You will get a list of pages that are most authoritative according to Google.For instance, type site: marketing Brighton and then go through the results, ensure you filter every page, and finally post comments or share the post or like the page.Soon your page will get link juice and then the link will be viewed as relevant by Google and this will lend SEO value to your page.

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