Digital Marketing Packages

Essex SEO realises that every client is not the same and requires a tailored approach.Dependent on the client's specific needs, a tailored service is supplied by Essex SEO.

You can trust Essex SEO to not only formulate long tail SEO strategy to achieve top Google ranks for your website for multiple keywords by combining a range of strategies, including link building, social management, content management, and onsite SEO, but also train and hand-hold your employees to ensure smooth implementation of the SEO strategy.

Before We Start

To be able to provide you with a detailed, step-by-step SEO strategy, we will first need to understand your goals, become familiar with your business, identify the right keywords, run a thorough analysis of your website, and appraise your competition. Completing this ground-work typically requires 10-20 working hours.

Recommended Pricing Options



This is most suitable for corporate clients.

How We Approach SEO

Our hourly rate is £45. Each pricing structure is designed depending on the time our team will spend on the project in a month. We strongly believe an SEO solution entailing fewer than ten hours of work in a week rarely, if ever, produces good results within a rational timeframe. Certain expenses like acquisition or link building might differ; however, everything is explained and decided beforehand to prevent any unexpected costs later. We explain our SEO strategy to you in detail as well as tell you why it is the best strategy for you. Both parties benefit from this transparent approach, which is essential for long-term partnership. You can count on Essex SEO to provide you customized service based on your needs, budget, and competition.

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