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Mikey is a local plumber and specialist boiler installer based in Brighton & Hove.



By staying under the VAT threshold he can charge one man band prices & pass these saving to his clients offering significant discounts over his competitors. Safely installing a boiler is a complex task that requires a huge amount of skill and experience, but it’s also a one man job.

Mikey finds that he can serve his customers better, and more cheaply, by working alone. It means there are no huge overheads, and you don’t have to pay for two engineers to do a job that one person can do.

If you’re interested in getting your boiler upgraded, or installing a boiler in a completely new property, get in touch with Mikey for a free quote today on cheap Brighton boilers. As soon as you see the price he's quoting, and the results at the end of the job, you’ll be glad you did.


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