Seamlessly Connecting Suppliers, Businesses and Customers Online is Vital for Modern Business

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Whether a small business or a big business, looking to make sales and generate income is predominantly the main focus. An important thing that contributes immensely to achieving this is how visible as the company is. People need a means to gain access to the goods and services provided. It is essential to provide that platform as a business owner by taking advantage of the internet.

What is an Online Presence?

An online presence refers to the identities created to get the business noticed and out into the market place, and the interface and interactions that those identities have enabled, established and participated in, online. Building an online presence provides a wide reach, which can benefit the business.

How Will An Online Presence Benefit The Business?

Building an online presence for the sake of promoting and publicising a business is not a traditional marketing avenue. It goes beyond relying on fliers, traditional advertisement channels and word of mouth, which can only reach a limited number of people, to enabling the exposure of the company on a very large scale, considering the huge and ever growing number of people that use the internet.

‘’An online presence can spread awareness of the enterprise business across a large audience,’’ says James Helliwell, an expert digital and online marketing specialist. ‘’This has the potential to boost business tenfold because, believe it or not, even the business is in a traditionally offline marketed business like D.I.Y a vast majority of potential clients are online.’’ Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people call or visit a business when found via local search, and that 70% of online searches lead to action within one month. In a nut shell, never underestimate the influence that an online presence can have on exploding the revenue.

Although it takes commitment and investment of time and resources, running a website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, blog and so on it can help build a direct relationship between the enterprise and the potential customers. What is needed is to ensure that the right team is working so that deliver superb content is delivered, the message is out and respond timely via these channels.

Building an Online Presence

There are a number of things to consider when building a superior online presence:

· Have a strategy: ‘’The main aim of advancing an online effort must have a place in the overall business strategy,’’ says, experts in connecting Customers and Suppliers Online with EDI systems. It is therefore very essential to understand the long and short term business goals, and how they are being achieved by the wide reach, which operating on an online platform gives the business.

· The platform matters: The website is often the interface between the business and clients, as well as potential clients. Building a solid platform starts here. The website should be easy to navigate through, contain quality content with which visitors can engage, project the business message, contribute to telling the business story, and have some contact information.

· Provide consistent value and improvements: The presence and availability online should be consistent. This helps the online growth and visibility status. Whether an online community, operated via social media, or through the website, providing valuable content is paramount so that the follower base know that they can interact with the business. This way, relationships that will benefit the business can be built.

· Know what the service can handle and be consistent: Building an online presence does not necessarily mean having profiles on all the social media platforms out there. Go for a limited number that the business can adequately handle and consistently manage.

The Place of The Website in Establishing an Online Presence

The place of a website is critical in this regard, and an important aspect of maximizing the potential of the website is ensuring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is adequately considered. “According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses on the web. This means that it is vital for search engines such as Google to find the website when an internet user is carrying out a search. In setting up a website therefore, consider SEO, which makes it easy for search engines to find the website.” – Business Finance Expert – Craig Upton

In a nutshell, a successful business web presence involves having a website. The website may have a blog and issue periodic newsletters to stay relevant and give the site visitors a reason to return to the site and social media accounts that are consistently managed. Ultimately, all these must be done with the business goals and overall strategy in view.

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