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The right social strategy can help you expand your business, , appearance and get in touch with the audience.
One of the biggest developments in the last ten years is social media, but still, how significant is it to your company?Social media hardly represent just a way to keep in touch with your friends, family and follow celebrities online; it has an enormous potential for internet advertising and promotion of your company.What is important for us in SEO line of work is that search engines use social media as a social proof that is later used to define website authority.Furthermore, social media is an important part of conversion rate optimisation and link building and also plays a role in managing public relations.

At Essex SEO our personnel excels in taking advantage of social media to thrust your firm into the social sphere. Following are some of the methods we use to promote your business via social media:

  • We can increase traffic to your site by using current and new social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Social media can serve as a place where your clients can share their impressions of your business in a socially responsible way.
  • Google is using social signals as a vital ranking factor. Our company aim to take advantage of this mechanism and create a natural link profile for customer’s sites thus generating other traffic sources..
  • Devise a commonly programmed system of social media outreach by Twitter and Facebook utilising pre-approved tweets and posts to produce a social ‘buzz’ around your company and services.
  • Adjust the online advertising appearance from your current site with a related social media campaign that can operate in parallel allowing you a thoroughly combined way of managing public opinion of your brand.

Social Media; Name Tells It All

Social media is about being social, as you would imagine.The strategy a growing online company needs to use is to control the content people are interested in and willing to share, advertise and re-tweet.These can involve any relevant information that can create a buzz, like excellent posts regarding news, innovations and rarities to pictures that make use of memes and mention pop culture, politics, science, etc.One of the most crucial things to consider is that to get in touch with potential customers; you have to start communicating with them first.To succeed you have to catch their interest.At Essex SEO we know that business strategy and creative thinking both make a successful social media campaign and that it is a very modern science we completely understand.For social media only sky is the limit and it represents an essential mechanism to get in touch with your desirable audience.


Blogs represent a new era newspaper articles.Newspapers readers count is quickly decreasing as a result of increased popularity of blogging sites as well as social media platforms that contain them which are pulling the biggest portion of these readers.It is wise to invest in a quality blog that has compelling and authentic content.With quality comes traffic to your blog website, so the better the material of the blog the more readers you will get.All of this can be used to promote your business and to improve the page ranking and authority of your site.

Taking Advantage Of Your Social Media

Taking advantage of social media platforms includes much more than just creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your business can only profit from it if you use the social networks in the correct way. Making compelling posts, choosing which users to follow, and making sure that you are always creating visible activity are just some of the things you have to keep in mind. Here, at Essex SEO we handle your social media platforms and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. We can do following:

  • We offer status updates, automated tweets, blog posts and video content all produced to advertise and promote your brand and your website.
  • We draw new users to your current content and increase page rank and site authority by creating backlinks.
  • We can create ‘buzz’ by taking advantage social media and its accompanying themes – either over memes, viral advertising campaigns or just solid, charming content.
  • We can place your business on the grid by creating profiles on services such as Foursquare and Yelp.

It Is All Regarding The Metrics

It is crucial to use web analytics tools to measure the success of your marketing campaign.If you are willing to place money in the advertisement by social media platforms, it is important for you to check out the results of that marketing, for example, is there increase in traffic to your website.The only sure way to measure the effect of social media is by using quantitative stats, while all other methods are plain guesswork.Essex SEO can offer you following metrics by using the web analytics tools:

  • Audience growth: unique and repeat
  • Conversion rates
  • RSS subscribers
  • Inbound links
  • Blog conversions
  • Subscription data
  • Likes: demographics
  • Shares: what, why, and how
  • Subscription data
  • Sales income as a result of social media marketing:e-commerce

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