Social Media Success – Two Brand Case Studies We Can Learn From

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Social media is a key and unavoidable element of company success! Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube; it would seem that some brands are hitting every nail on the head whilst others can’t keep up. That is why more and more digital marketing companies such as Social Buzzing are wanting to hire Social Media experts. From experience, social media success is largely based on integrity and a carefully devised plan based on a thorough social media assessment. If you don’t believe us, let the results speak for themselves! We’re going to show you two case studies of brands who have taken to social media like ducks to water and have reaped the rewards!


Sharpie is a household name and has been for years – but who would have thought that felt tip markers would have been so successful in such a short amount of time?! In 2012, they increased the market share by 5% and ended with a total of 89%. There were many contributing factors to their social media success.

Firstly, they knew the target market they would be most successful with very well – teens, and marketed all campaigns accordingly, taking a creative and colourful approach and dominating on all platforms available to them. Understanding the short attention span and what makes their audience tick, they created short and inspiring videos and created a need for customising and personalising everything from school supplies to clothes and creating art projects.


Online shopping might seem like second nature today but when ASOS first launched, we were still mostly shopping on the high street for our needs! So how do you get people’s attention, not only when they can’t window shop or browse a store of your products, but also when not everyone was online? From invisible to a leading brand that’s dominating the online fashion market, ASOS began with trends and updated their stock as quickly as items became trendy. They broadened their social media following by being all-inclusive, stocking products to suit all shapes and sizes and style preferences.

ASOS also hit the nail on the head with their brand magazine. All online shoppers had carefully curated stylish newsletters with the latest trends and how to wear them emailed to their inbox. It has never been easier to be told what to wear and own it with just a click of a button! They also expanded this shiny magazine-style content to their social media and were ahead of the times at every step – from moving adverts to carousel posts, Snapchat adverts and Instagram stories. And when that didn’t have absolutely everyone buzzing, they gave bloggers and influencers ‘pocket money’ regularly to stock up on new trends and get their followers buzzing about ASOS too – as well as affiliate links that give a percentage of the profits back to the influencers.

What can you learn from these brands? At Social Buzzing, we assess your company’s current strategy and optimise it from the ground up, guiding you to social media success and applying trending social media movements to your pages that are most effective in relation to your goals! For more information about the services we provide, and our expertise in the field as a leading social media management company, see our website here.

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