The Structure Of A Good Link

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This article should provide an insight into the main thoughts we make while building links.

Page Rank:

  • Analysing connections between related content on your site as well as on 3rd party sites (links), like significance and freshness, is a way in which PageRank as an algorithm runs.
  • PageRank grading system scales from zero to ten while ten is the highest mark(To a minor extent it is also correct for non-relevant links)..
  • Every link is viewed by Google as a vote that counts towards the credibility and trustworthiness of your site.
  • The PageRank is higher with the higher number of relevant links pointing to your website.For example, to get a PageRank of 2, you have to link to your website from page rank 5 page.
  • Google sees every single link a vote showing the trustworthiness of your website.Water flowing trough pipes is similar to PageRank connection with links, while PageRank being water and links being pipes.A site with Page Rank five doesn’t indicate that the page on the site with a link to your site will likewise be Page Rank five.
  • It’s important to know when creating links from a Page Rank five site that the page on that website might still be PageRank zero.The grading system is controlled by Google and usually updated every 3-6 months.
  • PageRank is a relevant factor with whose help the ranking of a website for sought-after keywords is determined as well as regularity on which Google’s bot will evaluate websites content in search for fresh content.

Entries On Trust Rank:

  • Google had to adjust the system for grading sites when SEO’s began to apprehend how Page Rank worked.In past several years, the biggest adjustment is Trustrank.
  • TDetermining how far from a trust hub is your website is a system on which Trustrank works.
  • Trusthubs are manually placed points of influence throughout the internet, like,, etc.
  • Trustrank works in pair with Pagerank.While Trust isn’t required to rank, in competing corners, it can create the advantage.
  • Trust is used to protect site owners versus algorithmic bumps like Panda/Penguin.

Anatomy of a Good link.

  • Origin of a link must be a top quality related site.
  • The link should pass page range (do-follow).
  • It is important that the link is placed on a page with Pagerank.
  • It is desirable that the page on which the link is located have a high trust flow.
  • Your company name or rank URL should be used as the anchor text.
  • If your site doesn’t have enough trust, under 2 % of created links should use the same anchor text if at all to please Google’s Penguin Algorithm.
  • It is desirable to create links on various IP ranges or platforms.

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